About The Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Academy

95% of people dream about free time, fulfillment and financial success. We help you to ENJOY it! – Alex Hernandez

» Our Goal: To help YOU be one of the 1,000,000 Academy members who start or grow their business!


Hello and welcome,

If we haven’t met already, my name is Alex Hernandez and I am the President and founder of The Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Academy.

Almost everyone has the dream of owning a thriving business, being self-employed, or making enough money so they can do what they want with their time without the stress or hassle of worrying about their finances.

As capable and talented as many people are, the trouble most have is that they don’t know how to cross the bridge to get them from where they are presently to where they want to be, which is enjoying their dream of success.

Over my 20 years in business, I’ve met so many gifted people who I knew could be superstars. Interestingly, the two obstacles almost all of them experienced were basically the same:

1) Those without business experience knew they were capable of accomplishing so much more than they were achieving. But they didn’t know how to get started so they could enjoy the free time, fulfillment and financial success they knew they deserved.

2) For one reason or another, many established business owners and Entrepreneurs couldn’t get their business to the level they knew it could and should be operating at.

Because of these frustrations, many gave up on their dream or put it on the back-burner so they could come back to it “later”.

Realizing this was a problem that could easily be solved, in the early 2000’s I began creating online training programs and toolkits to help all of those superstars.(You can read more about me here if you’re interested.)

My # 1 goal, focus and objective was simple: Provide the tools, resources and online trainings these superstars needed to LIVE and ENJOY their dream of success. The end result was the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Academy.

Some of the key areas we focus on in the Academy include:

1) Marketing and Sales: To enjoy a thriving business, we must know how to KEEP perfect customer or clients consistently and predictably coming into our business on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Because marketing and sales are the lifeblood of every business, they are the primary focus of the Academy.

2) Leadership: A true leader must be able to direct their own life before they can lead or influence others. We provide our program participants with tools and online trainings to help them to develop a solid foundation so they have the skills, awareness and ability necessary to lead and manage successfully.

3) Time Management: Every business owner or Entrepreneur must know how to use their time effectively and be the model of time management for their partners and employees. We teach our program participants the most up to date, cutting-edge time management strategies so they can enjoy a boost in their productivity and efficiency.

4) Problem Solving: As leaders, we must consistently work to overcome our greatest obstacles, challenges and frustrations. Only by doing so can we break through to the next level of success. We provide our program participants with tools and online trainings to ensure they have the resources they need to conquer challenges as they arise.

5) Personal Development: For success oriented business owners and Entrepreneurs, being at our best is critical. Interestingly, I’ve met many business owners and professionals over the years who do not believe personal achievement principals are important.

What many don’t realize, sadly, is that our success (business, professional and financial) is largely determined by our state of mind, habits and our tendency toward action.

We can always be more confident. We can always use more energy and better health. We can always benefit from greater self-certainty. And we can enjoy fulfilling relationships by being more understanding of our employees, partners and customers.

Self improvements not only make us more prosperous in business, but they also make us a better spouse, parent, employer and human being. Some of the areas our online training programs concentrate on include:

» Focus: We must know how to focus on our goals and block-out everyday noise and distractions to achieve them.

» Perseverance: In life and in business, unexpected setbacks inevitably arise. We must have strength and courage to meet them head on. And we must have mental stamina and persistence to emerge victorious.

» Discipline: One of the biggest road-blocks to success is procrastination. To enjoy success, we must have the discipline to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done—without wasting time.

» Goal Setting: The secret to drive and motivation is to have meaningful goals that we want to achieve. Only by having purposeful goals can our inner fire be ignited and our deepest desires fulfilled.

Because the Academy is only for those who want to enjoy a greater level success, we require that all program participants meet one of the qualifications below.

1) If you’re not in business yet, you must desire to have a full or part time business and be willing to put the time and effort forth to make it successful.

2) If you’re in business already, you must be sincere about growing or maximizing at least one of the following:

a) Sales and Profits

b) Customer or Client base

c) Presence (Regionally, Nationally or Internationally)

If you meet one of these qualifications and you would like to participate in one of our programs, simply click or tap on the appropriate link below.